Treasury Management Fraud Solutions

When it comes to protecting your business from fraud, we take our role seriously. We continuously update fraud protection measures and solutions to give you a secure money management environment and help protect your business accounts against payment fraud.

Account Alerts

Easily set up email or text alerts to notify you when an account falls below or rises above a balance you set.

Check Positive Pay

Concerned about check fraud? Check fraud costs small businesses millions of dollars each year. Positive Pay is available as a tool to help keep your business from becoming a victim of check fraud. It’s simple… just upload the checks you’ve issued and we’ll verify all items presented before paying the checks. Click the link to learn How Positive Pay Works.

ACH Positive Pay 

Similar to Check Positive Pay, you can review incoming ACH payments and decide whether to pay, return, or block certain ACH payments, all in real-time. You will also have the option to allow the payments to post in the future.

Physical and Virtual Security Tokens

Take online banking security to a whole new level with our physical and virtual security tokens. 

  • A Physical Security Token is an electronic software access and identification verification device used instead of, or with, an authentication password.

  • With a Virtual Security Token through VIP Access (a secure token app) you get the same high level security features at your fingertips. Download the app for your Apple or Android device.  

Not sure which option is right for you? Contact a Treasury Management Expert for more information on these solutions.

Deposit Protection

Blackhawk Bank offers products that are capable of insuring deposit amounts above the standard FDIC $250,000.00 coverage offered by banks today. Through Blackhawk Bank’s partnership with the Promontory Network, we offer CDARS (Certificate of Deposit) and ICS (Insured Cash Sweep/Money Market). Contact a member of the Treasury Management Team for more details on how to keep your deposits insured and give you peace of mind.  

Security & Education

One of our highest priorities is to ensure your privacy and peace of mind by employing some of the most advanced online security measures in the industry. Additionally, we provide useful training and seminars, partnering with industry experts, to bring you the latest in Cybersecurity technologies and how you can protect your organization. To learn more about or additional security tips and tricks visit How We Keep You Safe.

View our 2018 Cybersecurity Presentation below.

Online & Mobile Banking

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