System Requirements

SmartPay Express

In addition to a high-speed internet connection, the application runs optimally on the most current versions of the following browsers:

Smart Pay Express URL:
• Microsoft Edge      • Mozilla Firefox      • Google Chrome

Smart Pay Express Admin:
• Microsoft Edge      • Mozilla Firefox      • Google Chrome

Please note: For an optimal experience, it may be necessary to add the following URLs to your browser’s trusted sites listing/setting:

Remote Deposit

For an optimal experience a high-speed Internet connection is recommended, in addition the following components are required for working with the application(s).

NOTE: For installation on a Mac® computer, please call Treasury Management Servicing at 815.877.2092.

For the PC:
• Local administrative rights
• Local User Profile
• USB port 2.0 or higher
• .NET® Framework 4.7 or higher For Microsoft® Windows®:
• Windows 8.1: Google Chrome
• Windows 10: Google Chrome

NOTE: The current version of Chrome and its two previous versions are supported.

The following scanners support this application’s features.
Scanner Model Supported
I: Deal®
My Vision X
Vision X
Digital Check®
CheXpress CX30
Epson® Capture One TMS 1000
Digital Check
(Unisys Burroughs®)
SmartSource Professional®
imageFORMULA CR-25
imageFORMULA CR-50
imageFORMULA CR-55
imageFORMULA CR-80
imageFORMULA CR-120
imageFORMULA CR-135
imageFORMULA CR-150
imageFORMULA CR-180
imageFORMULA CR-190