The New Look For Mobile Banking is Here!

What's Happening? How Will The Changes Affect Me? 

As of Monday, May 18th at 8am CT, the enhancement process for personal Online & Mobile Banking was completed. The new login feature offers tabs for both Personal and Business to choose from. The Personal option is the only side that has been updated thus far.

For login instructions for Personal Online & Mobile Banking, please click on the "Logging In" button located to the right-hand side of this page. 


How can I get the new mobile app?

Until iOS can fix the bug they are experiencing with their app refreshes, they recommend going straight to the Apple store to upgrade the mobile app. Below you will find the link for Apple, along with a direct link for Android users.

What Should I Expect After the Update?

You can expect your accounts to be displayed as usual.

Bill Payments will be carried over to the new Online Banking system for you. This includes all current payees and recurring payments you have set up, plus the history of those payments. 

Internal Account to Account transfers (from one Blackhawk Bank account to another) will also be carried over to the new Online Banking system.
Pre-existing Line of Credit transfers (from a Blackhawk Bank loan to a Blackhawk Bank account) will not be carried over. Unfortunately, the new system doesn't support recurring Lines of Credit transfers. 
External recurring Transfers (to and from another bank) will need to be reset in the new Online Banking system. The external account information itself will be carried over, however, future or recurring transfers will need to be re-established.  
• Account Alert options are different in the new system and, therefore, existing Account Alerts will not carry over to the updated system. Be sure to set up your new Alerts to keep a watchful eye on your money!
Third-party Apps and Aggregators - if you previously used a third-party app and stored your Online Banking login credentials in these apps or sites (ex- Quicken, Quickbooks, Mint, Equifax, Acorns, etc.) we strongly recommend that you re-check and re-establish connections with those providers after the enhancement is completed. 

NOTE: Business Accounts alerts, transfers, ACH, wires, etc. will carry over and this system should experience no changes.  

Cash Management Customers: If you are enrolled in Positive Pay, beginning Monday, May 18th, any Positive Pay exceptions will only be able to be worked the day they have settled. You can work your items from 5am -11am CT only.