Mobile Deposit FAQs

Mobile Deposit is a simple, smart, secure service that allows you to deposit checks from home or on the go. Deposit checks directly into your checking or savings account using Blackhawk Bank’s Mobile app!

What do I need?

Mobile Banking/Mobile Deposit requires a Online Banking ID and Password. Your phone number and cellular provider must be registered in online banking.

Download our latest App for your mobile device:

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How do I activate Mobile Deposit?

Enrollment is easy. Simply log into Blackhawk Bank’s Mobile app, choose the menu in the upper left-hand corner, click on 'Deposit Checks' and follow the prompts on the screen. Follow our easy-to-use Self-Enrollment Guide for detailed instructions.

What are the software and hardware requirements for this service?

The current hardware and software requirements are listed below and are subject to change without notification.

  • Approved Certified Mobile Devices: 


Apple® iPhone®

Phone for Android ™

  • You must have an Online Banking User ID and Password.
  • You must have the Blackhawk Bank Mobile App.

How secure is Mobile Deposit?

Mobile Deposit of checks via your mobile device offers the same security that you have with Online Banking. For added protection, the images of your checks are stored securely at the bank and not on your mobile device.

What types of checks are accepted with Mobile Deposit?

Checks must be from U.S. institutions and in U.S. dollars:

  • Personal checks
  • Business checks
  • Government/Treasury checks
  • Cashier’s checks

What types of checks are not accepted with Mobile Deposit?

  • Checks payable to someone other than the owner of the account into which they are being deposited.
  • Third party checks made out to someone else and signed over to you or your business.
  • Checks containing unauthorized alterations.
  • Checks that are fraudulent.
  • Checks payable jointly, unless deposited into an account held by all payees.
  • Checks that were previously converted to a substitute check.
  • Checks that were previously deposited but returned unpaid.
  • Checks drawn on a financial institution located outside of the United States.
  • Checks not payable in United States currency.
  • Checks that are undated, post-dated, or are dated more than six (6) months prior to the date of deposit.
  • Remotely created checks (sometimes called demand drafts).
  • Checks payable to "Cash."
  • Money Orders.
  • Traveler's Checks.

Can I make mobile deposits to my savings accounts with Blackhawk Bank?

Yes, you may make mobile deposits to your checking and savings accounts at Blackhawk Bank.

When are funds available?

Deposits are subject to verification and funds may not be immediately available. Once the deposit has been received, you’ll be able to view the pending transaction on your mobile phone. Checks received prior to 7:00 p.m. on business days will be deposited immediately to your account on the same business day. Checks deposited after the 7:00 p.m. cutoff time, on weekends, or Federal holidays will post to your account on the following business day. Please Note: Checks requiring further verification, may experience delayed availability.  If further verification is needed, you will receive an email notification.

What happens if there is an issue with the deposit?

Once you’ve made your deposit, you’ll get an email confirmation that we’ve received your deposit and are processing the transaction. If the system determines a review is needed, the system will suspend your deposit and it will be reviewed by a bank employee before the transaction is processed. Should we determine that we cannot process your transaction, you will be contacted. If you try to deposit a check that was previously deposited at Blackhawk Bank, you will receive an error message at the time of deposit. If any other issues arise that result in your deposit not being processed, a representative from the Bank will contact you by phone to resolve the issue. If you have further questions on a mobile deposit, please contact Client Services at 608.364.8924 or toll-free at 866.771.8924.

Are there any fees?

There is no fee for using this service. But, we recommend that you check with your service provider to see if data rates apply.

When I take a picture of the check, do I need to capture the whole check in my picture, or is it okay to just capture the amount?

The whole check must be captured. The app will prompt you to take a photo of the front and the back of each check that you deposit. The image of the check must be legible. Images of checks that fail quality and usability requirements will not be processed.

The image quality of the items must comply with the requirements established by standards organizations, the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve Board or clearing house associations.

Each image of each check shall be of such quality that the following information can clearly be read and understood by sight review of the image:

  • The amount of the check;
  • The payee of the check;
  • The signature of the drawer of the check;
  • The date of the check;
  • The check number;
  • The information identifying the drawer and the paying bank that is pre-printed on the check, including the magnetic ink character recognition (MICR) line; and 
  • All other information placed on the check prior to the time an image of the check is captured, such as any required identification written on the front of the check and any endorsements applied to the back of the check.

Capture and transmit to the Bank the full-field MICR encoding on each check. Ensure that the following information is captured from the MICR line on each check:

  • The routing transit number ("RTN");
  • The number of the account on which the account is drawn; and
  • When encoded, the serial number and the process control field of the check.

How do I endorse the check?

Restrictively endorse any check that is deposited by Mobile Deposit by writing "For Mobile Deposit Only to Blackhawk Bank" then signing your name or the name of your company below it when you place your endorsement on the back of the check. For example:

For Mobile Deposit Only to Blackhawk Bank

Sam Jones

How can I make a deposit if Mobile Banking isn't working?

  • You may make your deposit by visiting a Blackhawk Bank office near you;
  • You may mail your deposit to Blackhawk Bank, 400 Broad Street, Beloit, WI 53511; or
  • You may wait to make your deposit until Mobile Banking service is restored.

What do I do with the paper checks after I've made my Mobile Deposit?

Upon receipt of confirmation of your mobile deposit from Blackhawk Bank:
  • Mark the front of the check "Processed" and store it in a secure place for at least 30 days from receipt of confirmation of your mobile deposit from the Bank. During this 30 day period, you agree to make the check available to Blackhawk Bank upon request.
  • After 30 days from receipt of confirmation of your mobile deposit from Blackhawk Bank, ensure the deposit posted to your account statement. Then, properly destroy the check by shredding it.
  • Business Customers are required to protect the sensitive information of the drawer of each check deposited through Mobile Deposit and may be required to certify their compliance with this requirement when requested by Blackhawk Bank. If this request is not met, we may suspend or discontinue future Mobile Deposit activity.
  • Never re-deposit or cash a check deposited for Mobile Deposit.

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