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Easy Money Checking

An amazing everyday checking account awaits you!

Make Money, Save Money with Easy Money Checking

As a person who's totally comfortable with eServices, it only makes sense to have a checking account that rewards you for using them.

Just two simple requirements to earn impressive benefits:

1.) You must be enrolled and receive eStatements 

2.) Make 10 Point-of-Sale debit card transactions that post and settle within the Qualification Cycle.  ATM-processed transactions do not count towards qualifying debit card transactions.

Read about 'Qualification Cycle' and other terminology here.
Make Money: Earn 1.01% APY on balances from 1¢ to $9,999.99;  0.15% APY on balances $10,000+  
Earn interest similar to the longest-term Certificate Deposit with your regular checking account.

A blended annual percentage yield results when balances meet or exceed $10,000.  For example: based on a balance of $25,000, 1.01% APY to 0.15% APY (blended) = 0.49% APY on the entire balance.

Save Money: Get ATM Fee Refunds up to $25 per Qualification Cycle - Use ANY ATM anywhere in the world!

What happens if you don't meet the Qualification Cycle requirements?  You'll still earn .05% APY on all balances in your Easy Money Account.  Your eligibility resets every Qualification Cycle!

Easy Money Checking doesn't require Direct Deposit, and you may choose PIN or Signature Debit transactions.  This checking account really is ‘easy money’!

To avoid a monthly maintenance fee of $6.00 you must:
Maintain an average monthly balance of $250 in your Easy Money Checking Account
Own/co-own Blackhawk Bank accounts with combined balances of at least $15,000 as of your statement date. Qualifying balances include the average balances in your Checking, Savings, or Money Market Accounts and the end-of-day ledger balances in your CDs, Installment, Home Equity or Mortgage Loans. The average balance is calculated by adding the ending balance each day in the statement cycle and dividing the result by the number of days in the statement cycle.

Effective July 15, 2015: 1.01% APY (Annual Percentage Yield) paid on 1¢- $9,999.99; 0.15% APY on all amounts $10,000 and above each Qualification Cycle the requirements are met. 
Point-of-Sale (POS) debit transactions - PIN or Signature - must post and settle during the Qualification Cycle. Debit card transactions processed by merchants and received by the bank as ATM transactions do not count towards qualifying debit card transactions. Only debit card transactions processed by merchants and received by the bank as POS transactions count towards qualifying debit card transactions.

Interest Rate/APY can fluctuate and may change before/ after account opening. Call 800-209-2616 for info. Interest is calculated/compounded/credited to your account monthly using the daily balance computation method, applying a daily periodic rate to the principal in the account. Accrual of interest on non-cash items (i.e. checks) begins no later than the day we receive credit for the deposit. No minimum amount required to open the account/earn the APY. If Qualification Cycle requirements aren’t met, your account will earn 0.05% APY. Personal accounts only, age 16+.  Limit 1 account per Social Security #. Check fee depends on style selected; fees may reduce earnings.  ATM refunds include transaction fees at ATMs not owned/co-operated by Blackhawk Bank. No receipt needed unless transaction occurs outside the US. Qualification cycle requirements must be met to receive refunds up to $25 for that period. If not met, foreign*ATM fees for transactions exceeding 4 /statement cycle are $2.00 each. Transactions are free @ ATMs with Blackhawk Bank logo; 4 free/statement cycle @ foreign ATMs.   *Foreign = Not owned/co-operated by Blackhawk Bank.