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All About MyCardRules

Take control of when, where and how your Debit MasterCard is used with the MyCardRules App from Blackhawk Bank!

Turn your Debit Card On or Off, plus...

Decline transactions or receive alerts based on your settings:

  • Specified transaction types
  • If transaction exceeds threshold amounts
  • Specific merchant types
  • Based on location and region controls
  • International transactions

How much does MyCardRules cost, and where can I get the App?

It’s free! Simply download the App from Google Play or the App Store .

How many debit cards can I add?

As many as you’d like!

How do I turn my card On and Off?

Tap the ‘Enable Card’ slider (located below the card image in the App) to turn the card On or Off.

What happens when I turn my card Off?

All transactions (other than recurring transactions) will be denied, giving you the flexibility to control when your card can be used. Should fraud occur, contact the Bank to permanently close your card.

What are Control Preferences?

Preferences allow you to specify how and where your card should be used. Options are Locations, Merchant Types, Transaction Types, and Spend Limits. (Please note: Spend Limits in the App don’t override daily card limits set by the Bank.) Set preferences to restrict usage to only predefined transactions. For example, if you wish to use your card within your city only, set your city as ‘My Region.’

How do Location Preferences work?

First, your Phone’s location feature must be set to Allow. When My Location Preference is On in the App, in-store transactions at locations that differ significantly from your location will be denied. For example, if a company processes payments through a location out of the area, you may experience a decline. The App can determine where the phone is at any time, and uses it as an indicator of where you are. An in-store card transaction at a location far away from you is likely fraudulent; My Location control is an effective way to help deter fraud. Online transactions are exempt from this Preference.

If I have my Location Preferences set and my phone is lost or stolen, what do I do?

Call Blackhawk Bank’s Client Services at 866-771-8924. We will turn off your Location preferences so you’re able to use your card. Once your phone is found or replaced, you will need to turn your Location settings On.

I received a NEW debit card after entering my previous card’s information in the App. Now what?

When you receive a new debit card (for any reason) you must update your card information in the App. A new expiration date, card number, security code, etc. are all changes that trigger the need to update your information.

I’m traveling out of the area. Do I need to let Client Services know?

Yes. Setting Location Preferences doesn’t replace the need to contact Blackhawk Bank when you’ll be traveling.

Call Client Services at 866-771-8924 so a Travel Alert can be added to your card.

I’m traveling outside the United States, will my transaction amount show in the foreign currency amount or in US Dollars?

When traveling to an area that does not operate in US Dollars, the transaction alert generated to your mobile device may show in the foreign currency amount, so you are able to verify it to the transaction that you just performed. However, when the transaction is submitted to the Bank, the amount will be automatically converted into US Dollars. Your bank statement will always show the converted US Dollar amount.