Mortgage Calculators

When you’re asking yourself “how much house can I afford?” you need Mortgage Calculators that will give you useful, accurate information. Blackhawk Bank has them, providing tools you can use to understand virtually any kind of mortgage situation. With these straightforward calculators that give you useful data at a glance, it’s never been easier to plan for your mortgage payments.

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Mortgage Loan Calculator

One of the biggest questions any mortgage holder has is when will their loan will be paid in full? Our Mortgage Loan Calculator lets you determine the complete amortization schedule for your loan with just a few quick questions. You’ll see your total payments, total interest and principal balances by year. You can even add prepayments if you wish to pay off your principal sooner.

Mortgage Tax Calculator

Tax can be a major consideration in any mortgage payoff plan. You may be able to deduct interest paid on your mortgage from your taxes when you choose to itemize deductions; it’s always good to check with your tax advisor about deductibility of interest. You can even save with the points you pay to lower your interest rate. With the Mortgage Tax Calculator , you’ll have the chance to look at total tax savings that you can achieve across the life of your mortgage.

Adjustable Rate Mortgage

While many homebuyers prefer fixed rate mortgages, an adjustable rate mortgage can provide some attractive perks. With our Adjustable Rate Mortgage Calculator , you have the opportunity to estimate potential payments by looking at different scenarios of how your interest rate may change. This will help you determine what kind of mortgage is best for you.

Mortgage APR Calculator

Just as with a credit card, the annual percentage rate (APR) on a mortgage is a big factor that helps you decide how your budget should look. In general, the lower your APR, the better your deal will be. APR is an important measure of whether and when you should refinance your home loan. Our Mortgage APR Calculator is the fastest way to decipher your current APR.

Mortgage Payoff Calculator

This is one of the first Mortgage tools you should use if you are mainly interested in knowing how much you can save by increasing your mortgage payment. See how much you will save in interest by increasing your payments a given amount. You might discover that making additional payments is an even better bet than the average savings account.

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