Correspondent Mortgage Lending Services

A Message to Financial Institution Colleagues:

Your Mortgage Division is either compliant or profitable. Probably NOT both.

By partnering with Blackhawk Bank’s Correspondent Lending Services you CAN be both.

  • Lower your expenses - remove the need for costly training and added payroll for the workforce needed to meet complex compliance rules, and to avoid litigation.
  • Keep your clients – no need to refer them to another bank for specialized mortgages that you can’t profit from, and thereby don't offer.
  • Raise profits – grow your revenue stream with a full complement of products via a silent partner. 

We provide an ideal platform for financial institutions in Wisconsin and Illinois that already have a Mortgage Originator, but not the expertise required for unique mortgage programs such as VA and FHA. We offer experience and expertise; our staff is an extension of yours.

  • Local underwriting, including in-house FHA Direct Endorsement
  • Guaranteed fast turn-around 

If you're interested in reducing your costs and raising your profits, let's talk. 

Steve Bamberger, Correspondent Lending Sales Executive

NMLS# 52426
Phone: 815.986.7106

57160 Argus Drive, Rockford, IL | 61107