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Mortgage & Commercial Loan Center | Janesville, WI

Janesville Mortgage & Commercial Loan Center

At 133 years of age, Blackhawk Bank has been around long enough to undergo countless experiences that have refined and perfected its character.  The benefit isn’t that the Bank is really old, it’s that Blackhawk Bank is really good. And really good, reliable banking is what people deserve.

From its origins in Beloit, Blackhawk Bank grew into neighboring communities by providing highly regarded advice and financial services for families and business owners. With a history of autonomy and savvy protocols, the Bank outsmarted the Great Recession, helped its clients achieve success in myriad ways that other banks couldn’t, and furthered its reputation as the ‘go-to’ community bank.

and Place.

Blackhawk Banks has expanded its mortgage and commercial banking services into northern Rock County.  We’d like to tell folks who don't already know us about the Bank's philosophies and the way we operate.  We know the Janesville market and nearby communities, and we have a solid understanding of both the real estate and commercial banking environment.  We live, work, raise kids and volunteer our time here. We’re eager to tell you about  Blackhawk Bank's community banking advantages and to have the opportunity to earn your business.

We cordially invite you to stop by our newest place; the Mortgage & Commercial Loan Center located @ 200 West Milwaukee Street, Janesville.  We’re excited about what the future holds and how Blackhawk Bank will factor into your success.


Lisa Brown, Mortgage & Business Banking Associate  NMLS# 1206619
608.713.1995  •  lbrown@blackhawkbank.com

Tamara Kolovitz, Mortgage Planner  NMLS# 680699
608.713.1996  •  tkolovitz@blackhawkbank.com

This office specializes in loan services for home buyers and business owners; cash transactions aren't available here.  Please see our Locations page for full-service banking centers.