Meghan Moss

Meghan Moss, Vice President Retail Sales Manager

5506 Clayton Circle 
Roscoe, IL 61073

Meghan has been sharing her expertise with Blackhawk Bank since 2009. As the Retail Sales Manager, Meghan spends much of her time developing and managing all customer focused bank initiatives. She has a sincere passion for coaching members of the Retail team so they can accomplish their goals and pay it forward by helping our customers realize their dreams, as well. Meghan attended Rock Valley College and is a graduate of both Blackhawk Bank's Leadership Academy and the Rock County Leadership Development Academy.

Areas of Expertise 

Day-to-day Bank operations, management and mentorship of the Retail banking teams, lending, underwriting, loan training.


Tullock Woods Association Board member, Beloit Area Young Professionals Committee (now Rising Professionals), City of South Beloit Revolving Loan Fund Committee, Downtown Beloit Association Board member & Vice Chair and Economic Restructuring Committee Chair, Volunteer of the Year 2015

Just for Fun

Meghan and her husband have two dogs and one cat. They enjoy spending time together outdoors and are self-described foodies, always willing to try new and interesting dishes. In her free time, Meghan enjoys running, biking, yoga and gardening.


When expecting a baby, many new parents worry about the ‘baby budget,’ and setting aside enough money for a new family member. From the diapers to child care, there are many expenses that new parents need to prepare for. 
One of the least talked about yet most impactful decisions a married or soon-to-be-married couple can make is whether to open a joint checking account. Depending on your family’s traditions, it may be common for a married couple to open a joint bank account as soon as the marriage license is signed, if not sooner. 

Graduating from college is an exciting achievement, however, many new graduates can be met with unexpected financial troubles. Navigating life after college can be difficult, which can lead to tough decisions related to finances.

In the distant past, people paid for goods and services by bartering. Currency soon entered the market and transformed from cocoa beans into cash. Then, in 1950, the first universal credit card became available to the public.
Many people have walked through unforeseen circumstances that forced them to make quick, critical decisions, and as a result, found themselves set back in terms of financial goals or savings.
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