Mastercard Automatic Billing Updater

With Mastercard® Automatic Billing Updater (ABU), you'll no longer have to worry about changing your recurring or automatic debit card purchases, when your card is reissued. When your card is reissued, Mastercard will update your payment information with participating merchants. No more worrying about contacting numerous merchants to change your information when the following events occur:
  • Blackhawk Bank Debit Mastercard is reissued due to normal expiration
  • Blackhawk Bank Debit Mastercard is lost or stolen
  • Blackhawk Bank Debit Mastercard is compromised
You are still responsible for ensuring merchants have correct account information, such as your address, on file. Any failure to do so, may result in declined payments.
Your Blackhawk Bank Debit Mastercard is automatically enrolled in Mastercard ABU, at no cost to you. If you wish to opt-out of Mastercard ABU, you may do so by filling out the form below. Or, you may call Blackhawk Bank Client Services toll-free at 800.209.2616.

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