What to do if Lost or Stolen Debit Card

What to do When you Lose Your Debit Card

  1. Login to your Online Banking Account
  2. Scroll down to the Card Management section
  3. Click on the card you want to report lost or stolen
  4. Click on Report lost/stolen and follow the prompts
If you would like to receive a new card, contact Client Services at 866.771.8924 or email nethelp@blackhawkbank.com within one business day of the card closure. Please note: Cards that have been reported as Lost/Stolen may not be reactivated.

Other ways to report a lost or stolen Card:

  • Use your Blackhawk Bank App
  • Call Bank-by-Phone: 888-769-2600
  • Call Client Services from 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM Monday - Friday,
    8:30 - 12:30 Saturday @ 608-364-8924 or Toll-free 866-771-8924

After hours, call 888.297.3416 in the U.S. or 206.389.5200 outside the U.S. for lost or stolen Debit Card reporting only. You should not expect incoming calls from either of these numbers. Please note: You cannot re-activate a card once you report it as lost or stolen. You must get a new card. 

Don't delay - your liability for fraudulent activity is limited if you report a lost or stolen card right away! 

Get your replacement Debit Card: 

Come to any Blackhawk Bank office during regular hours to get a new Instant Issue Debit MasterCard and PIN. Instant Issue puts a new Card into your hands right away.

Call Client Services @ 866-771-8924 to order a new Card and PIN. It may take up to 10 days to receive your Card and PIN, mailed separately. 

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