Jessica Hendon

Jessica Hendon, Vice President Physical & Information Security 

400 Broad Street
Beloit, WI 53511

Since 2003, Jessica has shared her expertise in the financial services industry. Jessica attended Rock Valley College and obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in 2003 and her MBA in 2008, both from Northern Illinois University. Jessica's best piece of advice: change your passwords frequently! 

Areas of Expertise 

Vendor Management, Physical Security, Risk Assessments, Fraud, Information Security.


Alignment Rockford Operating Board, Midwest Fraud Investigators Network Board, Junior Achievement, Alignment Rockford Academy Expo, Academy Support Team Lead at Jefferson High School, Beloit Meals on Wheels

Just for Fun

Jessica and her husband Nick have three children: Jacob (8), Samantha (7) and Sophia (5). The family of five enjoys spending time with one another and their large extended family. Despite her fear of heights, Jessica has been both skydiving and zip-lining. She relishes pushing herself beyond her comfort zone to see what she can achieve!


Passwords have become a part of our everyday lives; our phones, online accounts, and computers are protected by passwords to keep information safe.
The new relief law is set to combat the economic crash related to COVID-19, and Americans expect to see stimulus checks in their mail boxes or bank accounts in the coming weeks.
Even though the coronavirus (officially known as COVID-19) is proving itself to be a notable threat, it is precisely these types of incidents which can also evolve into a cybersecurity threat.
What if someone else is borrowing money in your name, not paying it back and leaving you virtually helpless when you need to secure a loan? You’ve just become a victim of Identity Theft.
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