Hometown Champs Loan Program

At Blackhawk Bank, we offer a Mortgage Loan program with our Hometown Champs in mind:

  • First Responders and Healthcare Workers
  • Educators and School Employees (K-12)
  • Active Military & Veterans; City, State & Federal Employees
We are proud to offer this mortgage program dedicated to those who serve our community. 

There’s no money down needed with Hometown Champs, and it’s open to Illinois and Wisconsin residents. 

You can use this adjustable rate mortgage for purchasing a single-family, owner-occupied home that’s your primary residence. Homebuyer Education may be a requirement for Hometown Champs, but all fees for this course will be paid by Blackhawk Bank, so there’s no concern about an extra expense. 
There are minimum credit score requirements and a 1% minimum borrower contribution.

Contact a Blackhawk Bank Mortgage Planner for complete details and requirements regarding our Hometown Champs Mortgage Loan program, and see if it’s a fit for you!
All loans are subject to approval.