Recommendations from the Family of Blackhawk Clients

“You don’t realize how important the personal side of banking is until you don’t have it. Blackhawk GETS what ‘personal’ banking really means. Their bankers are old-school; it’s like being warm and friendly is in their DNA. Life doesn’t wait for appointments, and neither should I; my banker takes care of my financial needs on my schedule. That level of personal banking is invaluable.”

Mark, Business Client 

“My Blackhawk business banker knows my world and looks at my entire financial picture; the ups, downs and the historical perspective. When a 30-year relationship wasn’t enough for my former bank to do the right thing by me during a rough patch, I knew I was in trouble. I was doing everything right and they still wouldn’t decide in my favor. They made cookie-cutter deals without considering my company’s history nor my personal track record. It bothered me. Blackhawk bankers are like family; I feel totally at home here.” 

Jack, Business Client 

“I came over to Blackhawk Bank because of my banker. She moved from a big bank where they underestimate and undervalue their customers, and I came along with her. Blackhawk’s way of doing business is vastly different and SO much better. Here, I feel very welcome! 

The words that best describe my sentiments are ‘home, trust, and personalization.’ My banker is my go-to person; she knows ME, my life’s story and my experiences— that’s worth more than I can say, and I’m honored to bank here.” 

Ida, Personal Banking Client 

“I left the big-bank environment for one where everyone is actually delighted to serve. My clients and I hold the same values, and I can tell you that working at Blackhawk Bank is life/career-changing!” 

Georgia, Personal Banker, Blackhawk Bank