Francisca Reyna

Francisca Reyna Vice President Business Development & EducationFrancisca Reyna, Vice President Business Development & Education 

400 Broad St.  
Beloit, WI 53511

Francisca has been sharing her expertise and building client relationships at Blackhawk Bank since October 2002. As a Financial Education Instructor, Francisca focuses on helping people understand the impact of their financial decisions. She is available to speak at workplaces, churches, local nonprofit organizations and community group meetings, and is able to hold or participate in Spanish-speaking seminars. Francisca has 10 years of Global Trade Experience primarily in Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Management & Theology from Concordia University - Wisconsin.

Areas of Expertise 

Global Trade, Business Development, Personal Financial Education, Health Savings Accounts, Community Relations, Cultural Diversity


Stateline Literacy Council - Beloit President, NeighborWorks Blackhawk Region Chair Loan Committee, Blackhawk Technical College Advisory Board Member, Stateline Community Foundation Grant's Committee Member, YWCA Rock County Advisory Board Member, Rotary Club - Beloit, Junior Achievement of Rock County, Rockford Local Development Corp., Girl Scouts of America - Beloit, La Voz Latina of Rockford, Alerta Organization of Belvidere, Latino Service Providers - Beloit

Just for Fun

Francisca has called Wisconsin home for the past 19 years. She is the proud mother of her teenage son, Hector and enjoys spending time with her fiance, Edward and their cat, Fufa. Francisca enjoys gardening, creating organic beauty products and watching educational documentaries. She is strong in her faith and her favorite treat is spicy candy!


Did you know April is Financial Literacy Month? The goal of this month is to help people make sound financial decisions so they can achieve financial stability. The best way to accomplish this is through financial education.
Under the new relief law, a good number of Americans are anticipating the arrival of a stimulus check in the weeks to come. As is the case when coming into any amount of unexpected cash, such a situation can create a debt of personal responsibility. Yes, you owe it to yourself not to spend the funds spontaneously. 
Saving money doesn't have to be stressful. Here are some fast and easy ways to help get your finances back on track without missing out on activities or purchases that are important to your lifestyle.
Credit scores are an important aspect of financial health. If you plan to take out a mortgage, get a credit card with a higher limit, or even rent an apartment, chances are your credit score will help determine if you are allowed to do so.
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