Easy Switch Kit

Blackhawk Bank's Easy Switch Kit takes the guesswork out of changing your accounts from your current bank. Whether you want to fill out the forms on your own or have one of our experienced bankers assist, we'll make sure the switch is as easy as possible.

Follow the list below to get started, today.

Icon of a pen writing on a check symbolizing opening a bank account.1. Get started by opening your Blackhawk Bank account online now!

Icon of a credit card symbolizing the need to verify that all transactions have cleared the account that is planned on being closed at another financial institution.2. Verify all debit card purchases, automatic payments and checks have cleared the account you plan to close.

Icon of two arrow swirling around a dollar bill symbolizing direct deposit. 3. Send the Easy Switch Direct Deposit Authorization to change your direct deposit from your employer, social security, pension, etc.


Arrow moving away from a dollar sign to symbolize automatic payments. 4. Send the Easy Switch Automatic Payment Authorization to change your automatic payment to your cell phone carrier, utility companies, insurance company, etc. 

(Tip: Reviewing your previous six months of statements will help identify payees.)

Icon of two computers with dollar signs on the screens and arrows pointing to and from each other symbolizing the need to review bill payments at other financial institutions. 5. Review Online Bill Pay for the account you plan to close and stop all automatic payments.


Icon of a bank building and a computer with a dollar sign on the screen.  There are two arrows pointing to and from the building and computer symbolizing the need to set up new automatic or online bill payments from Blackhawk Bank. 6. Set up Bill Payments through Blackhawk Bank's Online Banking.

Icon of a bank building. 7. Send the Easy Switch Account Closing Authorization to the bank where the account is being closed.