Learn About Chat

Getting help with basic questions is easier than ever with our new digital engagement solution! Enjoy the convenience of being able to communicate with us right here on our website. We're here for you, and just a click away. 

Meet Penny

Penny, our friendly chat bot, can answer basic consumer-related questions. Simply click on the chat bubble in the bottom right-hand corner of our website. 

From there, Penny can answer questions such as:
  • What is Blackhawk Bank's routing number?
  • What is your fax number?
  • What are your holiday hours?
  • Where are your ATMs located?
  • And more!
This way, you can self-serve 24/7 if you'd like, and we can make sure that you are directed to the right resource at the right time. If you're interacting with Penny and need additional assistance, you can be transferred to a Client Services representative at any time during Bank business hours. What's more - your information flows seamlessly throughout your interaction, reducing the need for you to repeat yourself.  We're here to ensure that your experience is smooth. 

Live Chat

When you do need to transfer from Penny to a Client Services team member via chat, whether you initiate the transfer or if Penny does, simply wait for a representative to answer and begin chatting! For specific matters, we will verify your identity via online audio to ensure account security. The speed and convenience of chatting with a friendly representative who can assist you and even show you how to find and do things on-screen, will help save you valuable time. 

On Screen Voice & Co-Browsing

When you do need to verbally speak with a Bank representative, there's no need to break away from what you are doing on screen to dial a phone number and navigate phone prompts. Instead, you can start a call right from your screen. You can talk to us right from your device using a headset or your device's speakers and microphone (or optionally leave your number and we will call you). You will be connected with a Client Services representative who can help you navigate your questions effectively, all from the comfort of your own screen. 

What's more, we can offer you on-screen co-browsing assistance so we can actually guide you to do what you came to do. Whether it's opening an account online, filling out forms, submitting wires, browsing online banking, or more, we can walk you through what you're doing while looking at your screen and show you exactly where to click.