Cash Management Additional Services

Blackhawk Bank’s Cash Management Services help you streamline the banking process. Our solutions provide unprecedented flexibility and visibility into your cash flow cycles so you can manage the day-to-day operations in a manner that saves you time and money. Contact a Cash Management Expert for more information our services.

Fraud Enhancements

Blackhawk Bank takes protecting your business seriously.  That is why we have fraud protection measures in place to give you the safest money management environment. 

Account Alerts

Easily set up Account Alerts to notify you via email or text, if an account falls below or rises above a balance you set 

Positive Pay

Concerned about check fraud? Check fraud costs businesses millions of dollars each year. Positive Pay is available as a tool to help keep your business from becoming a victim of check fraud. It’s simple… just upload the checks you’ve issued and we’ll verify all items presented before paying the checks. Learn How Positive Pay Works.

ACH Block

Block certain ACH payments from processing through your account. 

Security Tokens

With Security Tokens, take online banking security to a whole new level. Find the option that's right for you. Contact a Cash Management Expert for more information on these solutions.
A Physical Security Token is an electronic software access and identification verification device used instead of, or with, an authentication password.
With a Virtual Security Token through VIP Access, a secure token app, you get the same high level security features at your fingertips.  Download the app for your Apple or Android device.  

Employee Benefits

Employee benefits are crucial to attracting and retaining the most talented personnel for your business. Blackhawk Bank’s Cash Management Team will introduce you to a Financial Advisor within the Blackhawk Investment Group for a complimentary consultation. All your business needs can be accomplished under one roof with our comprehensive approach to services.  

Work Perks

Now more than ever your employees need trustworthy guidance. Blackhawk Bank offers financial education seminars to set your employees on a path to financial success, improved confidence and greater productivity. You do not need to be a Blackhawk Bank client to take advantage of these free seminars.  Learn more about Work Perks 

HSA Education for Employers & Agents

If you are an Employer who is not yet onboard with HSAs, the benefits of choosing a Qualified High Deductible Health Plan paired with Health Savings Accounts can directly affect your bottom line plus provide cost savings for your Employees. The Health Savings Account consultants at Blackhawk Bank will help you understand:

  • What consumer-driven health plans are and why you should care 
  • How Health Savings Accounts factor into consumer driven plans 
  • What the benefits of a consumer driven model are for both Employers and Employees 
  • How a Health Savings Account works 
  • How to compare HSA fees and make an informed choice 
  • How to make the decision to offer an HSA plan design 
  • How to communicate that decision to Employees
Learn more about HSAs and how Blackhawk Bank can help.

Telephone Payment Acceptance

Not everyone likes to pay bills online, and it might not be the most convenient approach for all your customers. For these situations, telephone payment acceptance comes to the rescue. Customers can call in at any time, get their account balance and make payments for their loans through Blackhawk Bank.


The Blackhawk Unlimited Deposit Protection Experience

Blackhawk Bank offers products that are capable of insuring deposit amounts above the standard FDIC $250,000.00 coverage offered by banks today. Through Blackhawk Bank’s partnership with the Promontory Network, we offer CDARS (Certificate of Deposit) and ICS (Insured Cash Sweep/Money Market). Contact a member of the Cash Management Team for more details on how to keep your deposits insured and give you peace of mind.  

Internet Security

One of our highest priorities is to ensure your privacy and peace of mind by employing the most advanced online security measures in the industry. 

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