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If you are an Employer who is not yet onboard with HSAs, the benefits of choosing a Qualified High Deductible Health Plan paired with Health Savings Accounts can directly affect your bottom line plus provide cost savings for your Employees. The Health Savings Account consultants at Blackhawk Bank will help you understand:

  • What consumer-driven health plans are and why you should care
  • How Health Savings Accounts factor into consumer driven plans
  • What the benefits of a consumer driven model are for both Employers and Employees
  • How a Health Savings Account works
  • How to compare HSA fees and make an informed choice
  • How to make the decision to offer an HSA plan design
  • How to communicate that decision to Employees

Blackhawk Bank is a nationally recognized leader for low cost Health Savings Accounts. Since 2005, Blackhawk Bank has utilized its own QHDHP, coupled with HSAs for the benefit of both the Bank and its employees.

Questions Asked by Employers:

Are there any setup charges?

No! Blackhawk Bank does not charge an enrollment fee or have a minimum deposit requirement to open an HSA.

Is there an annual or maintenance fee?

There is no annual fee. Blackhawk Bank waives all maintenance fees for the first year of the account. Beginning at year 2, we continue to waive the $2.50 maintenance fee as long as the daily balance is $1,500 or above.

How do my employees get access to their funds?

There are several different options – debit cards, checks, online banking. Check out the options here.

Can HRA or FSA balances be transferred to the new HSA?

Yes; it’s actually quite easy! Complete the HSA Transfer Form and forward to us to start the process.

How can I contribute to my employees’ Health Savings Accounts?

Here are your Options:

  • Direct Deposit: Employee Contributions to Blackhawk Bank Health Savings Accounts are most efficient made by direct deposit from your payroll provider; contact your payroll provider to find out if this is an option. Your provider will need the Blackhawk Bank’s routing number 275971854 , and the account number and type of account (checking). You will receive an HSA Employee Listing with all employees and their account numbers once the accounts are entered on our system.
  • ACH: If your payroll provider does not have the ability to deposit employee contributions directly to your employees’ accounts and/or you will be making employer contributions to your employees’ Health Savings Accounts, you will need ACH capabilities. If you currently bank online and have an ACH feature, you can simply add a new ACH batch to your current online banking account.

If Direct Deposit or ACH is unavailable to you, Blackhawk Bank is pleased to offer your company Online Treasury Management Solutions . This process will expedite deposits to the employee’s account and put you in control of all deposits, eliminating check writing and mailing.


Because we value our agent partners, we pride ourselves on providing extraordinary service to clients who you refer to us from all 50 states. We have many tools to assist you in making your clients’ experience with the banking portion of their Qualified High Deductible Health Plan coverage a seamless experience.

We understand your clients’ perspective. How? Because Blackhawk Bank employees have owned and used HSAs since 2005. We know the value of having a “go-to source” to answer your questions and provide personal service. We make you and your clients our priority by providing you with resources to make enrollment easier and more educational!

Ready to enroll?

Here’s everything you need, plus ready access to a Blackhawk HSA Coordinator. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions – we’re here to help!
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