Health Care & Dental Practice Financing

Owning or becoming a partner in a dental or health care practice is one of the most satisfying achievements of your career. Blackhawk Bank can help you reach that milestone.

Blackhawk’s Business Bankers will create an innovative package of financing and consultative services that takes into consideration the unique challenges and opportunities of your specialty. You’ll get flexible financing terms and, more importantly, reliable advice from trusted, LOCAL financial/business experts.

Impressive Advantages with Blackhawk Bank

  • We know how to manage matrices that work to increase the value of an existing or acquired practice, including making use of practice management software that measures utilization, and works to improve the mix of procedures to prevention. 

  • We advocate a team approach that includes your trusted advisors (legal, accounting, human resources) to work together to create strategic objectives for the growth of your practice. (We will provide referrals if that advisory group is being developed.) 

  • We'll create a comprehensive cash-management and profitability plan. We understand collection cycles from different types of service payers, and provide solutions for cash-flow challenges. 

  • Blackhawk Bank has flexible loan programs that account for the level of student debt the borrower may have, and takes into consideration the ramp-up phase of a new practice, or working capital needs if you’re purchasing an existing practice.

  • We offer financing based on the practice’s income, empowering doctors with fewer assets to more easily get a loan.

  • Loan decisions are made right here, and answers can be given in as little as 48 hours.

  • We have a deep understanding of non-compete agreements and the transitional challenges faced when buying a practice. 

  • If you're building, we provide demographic analysis, location and real estate selection assistance. We’ll work closely with you to establish reasonable project schedules and completion dates. You choose the vendors and contractors, and we’ll release payments to them on your behalf, taking that obligation off your shoulders.

  • We offer advice for negotiating equipment purchases and construction costs.

  • We share proactive, inbound marketing ideas to help your practice grow, or increase its value as you prepare to sell. 

  • We'll advise you about how to present financing options with your patients undergoing major procedures.

Manage & Grow Your Practice

Commercial Real Estate Loans

Receive fast decisions on conventional financing for real estate, business expansion and growth. With Blackhawk Bank, you're in touch with decision makers. Talk to a Business Banker in your locale or call 800.209.2616. 

Business Deposit & Sweep Accounts

Blackhawk Bank’s Business Deposit Accounts are designed to fit your level of activity, with earnings credits available. Your banker will discuss features and benefits with you to determine the right deposit account for you, and how to maximize excess balances while maintaining liquidity. 

Treasury Management Solutions 

We specialize in streamlining commercial deposit functions by tailoring a suite of services to meet your specific needs. Increase your day-to-day cash flow efficiency; have more time to focus on growing your practice and increasing its profitability. Our Treasury Management Experts will show you how. 

Wealth Management

Short and long-term investment options will help you make the most of investment funds. Many additional wealth management and Financial Planning services are available through the Advisors of Blackhawk Investment Group. 

Small Business Administration 

Blackhawk Bank has a history of partnership with the SBA to help local businesses. 

General FAQs

What types of practice needs can you finance?

We specialize in customized solutions for dental and other health care practices including financing for an acquisition, starting a new practice, relocating or expanding a practice, adding a new location or refinancing existing debt.

Acquisition financing covers the contents of the practice including accounts receivable, equipment, patient records and working capital. Construction financing is available for remodeling and/or an additional location. 

You say your financing is innovative. How so? 

First and foremost, as a LOCAL community bank, Blackhawk bankers have the expertise and autonomy to offer genuinely out-of-the-box thinking. Historically, we’ve structured loan packages that other banks couldn’t, wouldn’t, or lacked the knowledge needed to get it done. We can put together a loan package designed to meet your monthly out-flow requirements, with flexible terms and a competitive interest rate. With Blackhawk Bank, decisions are made right here – there’s no ‘big-bank’ corporate bureaucracy to navigate.

What are your interest rates? 

Interest rates depend on final credit approval, length of the loan term, closing costs and market conditions. Loans at Blackhawk Bank are competitively priced and come with the benefit of an entire financial team working on your behalf. Our business banking experts will help you manage every aspect of your financial well-being. 

What terms do you offer?

Terms are based on specific needs and the final loan request. We offer competitive fixed rates, limited time interest-only programs (contingent upon credit approval), no prepayment penalty and a full range of financial solutions.

Do you offer NO prepayment penalty for an early loan payoff? 

Yes. You may make principal only reduction payments on your loan at any time.

What type of information do you require to get a Practice Finance Loan?

Requirements depend on the type of loan and typically include an application, personal financial statement, current resume, two to three years of federal tax returns, and the most recent profit and loss statement and balance sheet for your practice.

Acquire or Buy-In FAQs

How long do I need to own my first practice before I qualify for a loan on a second?

Generally, we like to work with doctors who have owned their first practice for two to three years and have shown growth and consistent cash flow over the period of ownership. However, because every situation is different, let’s sit down and talk. 

What is the maximum loan amount that can be financed for an acquisition?

This is determined according to specific information based on your loan needs and business financials.

Refinance a Practice FAQs

What terms are allowed for refinancing existing practice debt?

Typically, we will refinance practice debt within the same timeframe of the existing practice loan. For example, if you have half the term left on an adjustable-rate loan and want to refinance to a fixed rate, we’ll offer you a shorter-term fixed-rate loan. However, because every situation is different, we will meet to discuss your options. 

Are there certain types of practice debt that cannot be refinanced?

Normally, credit card debt can’t be included in a practice debt refinance.

Start a Practice FAQs

Do you offer an interest only payment program?

Yes, we offer a short-term interest only payment option. 

What items will you finance for a start-up?

We finance leasehold improvements, equipment, working capital, major equipment, furniture and computers. Contact us to discuss options.

Do you require a business plan?

Yes. We usually want a business plan that summarizes why you want to do a start-up, the location you have selected and your marketing plans to grow the practice. In addition, we require two years of revenue and expense projections. 

Equipment Financing FAQs

Do you offer equipment financing?

Yes. Blackhawk Bank offers financing for the purchase of practice-related equipment, such as diagnostic equipment and computer systems. It is available as an equipment only financing loan or it can be structured as part of any practice financing loan, whether start up, acquisition, expansion or relocation.

What terms are available for equipment financing?

Equipment financing is financed as part of a practice acquisition, relocation, expansion or start-up financing solution. We offer terms of 3, 5, 7 and 10 years generally. 

Contact a Blackhawk Banker

Blackhawk Bank's Business Bankers are positioned to help you grow your enterprise. By clicking this link to our Business Banker page, you'll get contact information for an expert in your locale. 

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