Financial Education

Work Perks Financial Education for Employee Groups & Others

Here's a benefit your employees will appreciate; NO cost to you! Available to all local Employers; you don't need to be a client of Blackhawk Bank.

Many people at all stages of life face financial challenges. Often, those challenges are brought into the workplace, and can negatively impact your bottom line.

What if you had educational programs in place to help your employees ward off financial problems before they began? What if you could help solve existing problems? How beneficial would that be to you and to them?

Financial education is a valuable benefit that you can give your workforce. It costs nothing; we do the work. Your employees need trustworthy financial guidance. Blackhawk Bank will help by presenting programs that teach financial literacy and set your employees on a course for success. You’ll see tangible results in terms of less stress and conflict, and greater productivity. 


  • Do some employees ask to borrow money because they can’t get loan? Do they lack credit history or need to repair credit?
  • Are some of your employees unable to get a checking account, leaving them ineligible for direct deposit?
  • Do employees ask you to explain financial terms? Do they ask you how they can qualify for a mortgage, or ask advice about retirement planning?


  • We can help your employees establish or repair bad credit. They’ll learn the discipline of saving. They’ll gain empowerment by becoming credit-worthy, minimizing requests for pay-day advances or longer-term loans when they face financial difficulty.
  • We offer a 2nd chance checking account to facilitate Direct Deposit.
  • We‘ll teach your employees to understand their credit report and give them the tools to improve their credit rating.
  • Home ownership can stabilize your workforce. We offer guidance and mortgage pre-qualification so potential buyers can shop with confidence.
  • We offer a full range of savings and investment options and retirement planning.

Testimonials by employees who’ve attended Work Perks presentations:

“Now I understand my credit score and what I need to do to buy a house.”
“Direct deposit of my check makes my life easier and saves trips to the bank – that saves gas and money.”
“Refinancing my home reduced my monthly payment.”
“A debt consolidation loan saved me from paying higher interest rates on other loans and credit cards.”
“I now have less financial worries. I can be more productive at work and have time to concentrate on other important aspects of life.”


Call Francisca Reyna at 608.299.3437 or email (or talk to your business banker ) for information and to schedule FREE Work Perks educational seminars for your employees. (Financial seminars are also conducted free of charge for church and civic groups.)

The Basics of Banking: Learn how to choose the right account mix: Checking, Savings, CDs and Money Market Accounts. Learn the benefits of Direct Deposit, Online Banking and Bill-Pay. Hear options for loan consolidation or elimination of debt.

Budgeting - Your Route to Financial Success: Spending more than you make will result in financial problems. Learn how to create a realistic budget and live by it. It’s essential for everyone, no matter how much or how little money you make.

Identity Theft Protection: Every two seconds someone in America becomes a victim of ID Theft. Learn how to protect yourself and your family. 

Home Owners and First Time Home Buyers: Understanding the process for purchasing and/or refinancing a home Loan is crucial to long-term financial success. Learn about Mortgage Loan options, Home Equity Loans and Lines of Credit.

Understanding Your Credit Report: It's important to understand the information on your credit report, regardless of your financial situation. This information directly impacts your ability to obtain a credit card, buy a car or home, rent an apartment, or even get a new job. Learn how to review your credit report to help avoid problems in the future. Make sure your credit report is accurate; protect yourself from fraud or identity theft.

Saving for College:* It's never too early to for pre-college students and their parents to identify financial resources that are available to help fund higher education. Learn about 529 Plans, Savings Bonds, CESA, Federal Financial Aid, Private Student Loans and other resources.

Retirement Planning:* Make the most of your company’s retirement plan, save and invest for retirement, build a better portfolio. You'll learn how to prepare for living well beyond retirement age.

Living Beyond Retirement | Caring for Elderly Parents: Taking care of parents also means taking care of finances - theirs, and yours. This session will help you understand how to address their needs, get their paperwork in order, hire professional help if/ when needed, and plan for the distribution of their estate.

Health Savings Accounts: Learn how employers and their employees can save on the high cost of health care by using Qualified High Deductible Health Plans and Health Savings Accounts. 

Seminar Presentations Available in Spanish

Additional Work Perks Benefits for Your Employees

  • $250 Mortgage Loan Discount
  • Up to 0.50% Installment Loan Discount with approved credit, Blackhawk Bank Checking & Auto-Pay
  • High Interest Earnings + Worldwide ATM Refunds (up to $25 per qualification cycle) with Easy Money Checking
  • Bilingual Bankers

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Financial Planning

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