Blackhawk Bank Reviews and Recommendations

Our bank is built on a foundation of providing excellent customer service. We value our clients and work hard to ensure they are always pleased with our products and services. Our dedication to you is evident in everything we do, from the moment you walk through our doors until you finish your transactions. Here at Blackhawk, you are a valued client our business bankers are proud to serve. Here’s what our valued clients have to say about our services.

Paycheck Protection Program  

“The importance of quick response time, knowledge, and local decision making couldn’t have been more evident than during the SBA PPP loan process, in which quick action resulted in success that could have been missed if even delayed a day. Within the time frame that my big bank had their online application portal available again, after being taken down, Blackhawk had already secured approval of my loan from the SBA. Had I stayed at my big bank and successfully submitted with the online portal (not guaranteed), I would have been able to apply for the funds just after the first allocation of funds had run out.”

-Rebecca, Business Banking Client

Maintain Your Smile Dental Grows with Blackhawk Bank 

When asked what motivated Dr. Todd Stern to choose Blackhawk Bank to finance and grow his dental practice he replied, “I took the advice of a Rockford attorney I know who banks with Blackhawk. I set up a time to talk to them, and it proved to be some of the best advice he ever gave me. It was apparent at that first meeting that choosing Blackhawk was going result in radical improvements in business banking services for me. 

“Unlike other banks I’ve dealt with, at Blackhawk I’m able to meet with a banker who can make decisions. Not having to run everything up the bureaucratic ladder and wait interminable amounts of time for answers is important to me, and to the timely development of my practice. When opportunities arise, I’m action oriented and want to move on making decisions sooner than later. I partnered with Blackhawk back in 2001, and I’ve been 100% satisfied since.

“The growth of my dental practice is supported by Blackhawk providing advice that I consider unequivocally trustworthy along with the financial backing I require for expansion. Success stories include purchasing three additional practices and completing the merger of another into Maintain Your Smile. I’m able to bounce ideas off my banker and have a frank conversation about what’s feasible and smart, run prospective acquisitions through him and get an honest analysis. My banker is a true business partner who, in addition to possessing strategic thinking skills, is backed by a highly experienced team.

“Blackhawk’s business fees and terms are fair and reasonable. Health care practitioners don’t have ‘inventory and long-term sales contracts’ to back their line of credit; ours stands on Blackhawk’s knowledge of our business model, and on our relationship.

“They developed a formula for valuation of our business that we incorporated into the buy/sell agreement amongst the partners and associates desiring to become partners. Succession planning protects what we’ve worked hard to build, ensuring that our legacy lives on for our patients, employees, and family members.

“Blackhawk is a local bank with first-hand knowledge of the marketplace. If you’re running a health-related practice and would enjoy having a true partnership with a superior bank, I recommend Blackhawk Bank. I attribute the continued growth of my practice to placing my faith in their abilities. I couldn’t be happier.”

Head Shot of Doctor Todd Stern DDS-Maintain Your Smile Dental Group

Todd D. Stern, DDS 

Maintain Your Smile Dental Group

1110 South Mulford Road, Rockford and 1001 Lincoln Highway, Rochelle, IL

DaVita, Inc. - Trusted Relationship with a Strong Financial Partner

DaVita is a care-giving company. In fact, our name in Italian means, “He or She Gives Life.” Our Kidney Care division provides life-sustaining treatments each week to 180,000 dialysis patients in 2,300 clinics across the continental United States. A portion of those clinics are owned wholly by DaVita, but an increasing number are Joint Venture partnerships in which DaVita has an ownership stake. Despite our being a large, Fortune 500 Company, our Joint Ventures are in fact small businesses with small business capital needs.

Making a Difference in Patients’ Lives
DaVita’s mission is to be the provider, partner and employer of choice. That is why we outperform the rest of the industry, offering patients the highest percentage of Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) four- and five-star centers in the country. It is also why we are nationally recognized each year for our award-wining culture and innovations in healthcare.

We strive to provide what patients deserve. They deserve superior clinical outcomes. They deserve a commitment to high quality care. To achieve those goals, it’s essential to have a banking partner willing to roll up its sleeves and learn the nuances of our local small businesses and joint ventures. As a Fortune 500 Company, our deals require not only rigorous compliance oversight but also intense financial analysis and underwriting. This is especially so, given that each of our JVs is in a different locality with unique physician and or hospital partners. 

As we are committed to building the greatest healthcare community the world has ever seen, we must constantly explore ways to improve healthcare delivery and quality. Achieving this while aiming to reduce costs, requires innovation. 

For example, we recently entered into a partnership with CMS, physicians and large health systems that had special financing needs. Andy Williams, our relationship manager, committed the necessary time and attention, wading through and deciphering the complexities of the partnership. His effort helped us pioneer several new innovative businesses – making it possible to serve our patients in a way that improves clinical outcomes and reduces healthcare costs.

Our Relationship with Blackhawk

As we began exploring the development of new dialysis centers in Illinois in 2011, we searched for a banking partner with a critical eye that could assist in funding our growth. 

We were fortunate to have some of our highly regarded physician partners suggest that we give Blackhawk a call. What began as a dialogue about financing clinics in Northern Illinois has blossomed into a trusted relationship with a strong financial partner that evaluates DaVita’s small business opportunities throughout the country. Since 2011, Blackhawk has financed dialysis clinics throughout the United States lending more than $27 million.

DaVita may be a Fortune 500 Company, but dialysis is local. Our clinics are local, our patients are local, our partners are local and our care-giving teammates are local. Perhaps that is why a Main Street bank like Blackhawk has been so effective in helping us to grow.

Blackhawk is a bank that is thoughtful in its approach, thorough in its execution and relentlessly focused on delivering service excellence.

Bruce Ware, Director Corporate Finance

Others share their experience with Blackhawk Bank

“You don’t realize how important the personal side of banking is until you don’t have it. Blackhawk GETS what ‘personal’ banking really means. Their bankers are old-school; it’s like being warm and friendly is in their DNA. Life doesn’t wait for appointments, and neither should I; my banker takes care of my financial needs on my schedule. That level of personal banking is invaluable.”

Mark, Business Client 

“My Blackhawk business banker knows my world and looks at my entire financial picture; the ups, downs and the historical perspective. When a 30-year relationship wasn’t enough for my former bank to do the right thing by me during a rough patch, I knew I was in trouble. I was doing everything right and they still wouldn’t decide in my favor. They made cookie-cutter deals without considering my company’s history nor my personal track record. It bothered me. Blackhawk bankers are like family; I feel totally at home here.” 

Jack, Business Client 

“I came over to Blackhawk Bank because of my banker. She moved from a big bank where they underestimate and undervalue their customers, and I came along with her. Blackhawk’s way of doing business is vastly different and SO much better. Here, I feel very welcome! 

The words that best describe my sentiments are ‘home, trust, and personalization.’ My banker is my go-to person; she knows ME, my life’s story and my experiences— that’s worth more than I can say, and I’m honored to bank here.” 

Ida, Personal Banking Client 

“I left the big-bank environment for one where everyone is actually delighted to serve. My clients and I hold the same values, and I can tell you that working at Blackhawk Bank is life/career-changing!” 

Georgia, Personal Banker, Blackhawk Bank