Cash Management Solutions

Blackhawk Bank’s Cash Management Services help you streamline the banking process. Our solutions provide unprecedented flexibility and visibility into your cash flow cycles so you can manage the day-to- day operations in a manner that saves you time and money.

Our Business Banking options are truly second-to-none.

Online Banking

Online banking provides 24-hour access to your account activity and balances in a convenient and detailed format. You have complete access to account management no matter where you are, on any device, at any time. Blackhawk Bank is one of the best online banks for businesses of any size! We offer you the ability to give different levels of access to your staff, and establish dual-control options where you want them.

Online Wire Transfer Access Reduces Wire Fees and Adds Convenience 

Initiate, schedule, and check the status of your wire transfers from the comfort of your own device. This process saves you time and money when you need to send funds fast, in the US or internationally. 

Electronic Bill Payment

Business Bill Pay provides one-time and recurring bill payments to businesses and individuals. It only takes a few seconds to stay current on all your liabilities, even if you cannot access your computer or bank branch.

ACH Services

ACH services are available, whether you’re making payments to creditors, paying your employees, or processing recurring debits. This service allows you set up a group of transactions to be processed in one electronic transaction - saving you time, money, and improving your cash flow cycle.

Credit and Debit Card Processing Services

We live in a world that relies on credit and debit card processing and Blackhawk Bank can help. Our merchant services options offer you the most comprehensive security and custom fit solutions for your business. Whether you’re looking for a terminal, or you need the ability to take payments in the field, we can help. Give a member of our Cash Management Team a call to set up a new account, or receive a free comparison quote.

Remote Deposit

Remote Deposit is available and allows you to make deposits to your account from a scanner set up right in your own office. Get to know “FRED” – Fingertip Remote Electronic Deposit. This service can handle everything from a couple of checks a day to hundreds of checks. Easy user controls allow you to review deposits and track their clearing on a real time basis. Call (815) 877-2092 to see a demo.

Smart Pay Express

Does your website allow your customers to make payments? If not, you are potentially losing business. Our solution, Smart Pay Express, integrates with your current website to take payments via check or credit card. It is perfect for businesses, non-profits and other organizations. We provide you with a custom branded web address that allows you to receive one-time or recurring payments or donations from your customers, donors and renters.

Positive Pay

Concerned about check fraud? Check fraud costs businesses millions of dollars each year. Positive Pay is available as a tool to help keep your business from becoming a victim of check fraud. It’s simple… just upload the checks you’ve issued and we’ll verify all items presented before paying the checks.

Cash Sweep

Have excess cash balances? Earn a competitive yield on your balances through cash sweeps. We’ll help you determine a target balance, then “sweep” cash in excess of your target to an interest-bearing account on a nightly basis.

Telephone Payment Acceptance

Not everyone likes to pay bills online, and it might not be the most convenient approach for all your customers. For these situations, telephone payment acceptance comes to the rescue. Customers can call in at any time, get their account balance and make payments for their loans through Blackhawk Bank.

The Blackhawk Unlimited Deposit Protection Experience 

Blackhawk Bank offers products that are capable of insuring deposit amounts above the standard FDIC $250,000.00 coverage offered by banks today. Through Blackhawk Bank’s partnership with the Promontory Network, we offer CDARS (Certificate of Deposit) and ICS (Insured Cash Sweep/Money Market). Contact a member of the Cash Management Team for more details on how to keep your deposits insured and give you peace of mind. 

Employee Benefits

Employee benefits are crucial to attracting and retaining the most talented personnel for your business. Blackhawk Bank’s Cash Management Team will introduce you to a Financial Advisor within the Blackhawk Investment Group for a complimentary consultation. All your business needs can be accomplished under one roof with our comprehensive approach to services. 

Blackhawk Bank

At Blackhawk Bank, we invest in your success. Let a member of our Cash Management Team tailor a solution that fits the needs of your business for improved efficiencies and better control of your business’ cash flow. We look forward to helping you!

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