Business Loans and Credit Services

Wondering how to get a small business loan? Getting a small business loan doesn’t have to be a hassle: Blackhawk Bank offers many types of business loans for you to choose from. We provide competitive interest rates, simple terms and the friendliest loan issuance processes around so you can make confident choices.

In short, we love helping business owners get the loans they need.

No matter how much you need or how you plan to use it, our team of business bankers will walk you through your loan and credit options and help you develop a financing plan that serves your interests. Our loans help you grow your business – and your bottom line – with no surprises.

Our most popular business loans and related services include:

Commercial Loans

Our commercial loans allow you to meet your company’s changing needs without worrying about complex regulations or overhead. Once you qualify for your commercial loan, you can use it as you see fit for capital expenditures, operational costs, hiring, training and much more. You’ll benefit from simple repayment with no hidden fees or penalties.

Development Loans

Are you developing land for use as a business asset or investment property? We can help you secure the funds you need to construct or install improvements on your land. Our business bankers are highly knowledgeable when it comes to real estate, capital development and other concerns you might have. We’ll stand with you every step of the way during development.

Term Loans

An infusion of ready cash at the right moment can help a business go to the next level. That’s what you can expect when you choose Blackhawk Bank term loans. These loans are especially designed to help you when you need it most – and make the repayment process as easy as it can be. With term loans, you have a convenient, fixed repayment time to figure into your expenses.

Equipment/Fixed Asset Loans

Equipment is the lifeblood of many different kinds of businesses. Whether you are starting a spa, a welding shop or a drone company, you need the right equipment to bring your vision to life. Blackhawk Bank can tailor your loan to your exact needs so that you can get the most favorable terms possible, shortening the time to reach ROI on your new investment.

SBA Loans

The U.S. Small Business Administration provides millions of dollars in annual loans for small businesses, one of the most important engines of the U.S. economy. At Blackhawk Bank, we can help you determine which SBA programs you may qualify for. We’ll assist you with your SBA research and can partner with you to facilitate certain qualifying SBA loans.

Lines of Credit

A healthy business needs access to credit to take advantage of opportunities as they arise. Blackhawk Bank can extend lines of credit for many different situations based on your business performance and needs. We know that time waits for no one, so many of our customers are eligible to open a healthy line of credit on the same day they make their request.

Letters of Credit

A letter of credit is a special communication issued by one bank to another, serving as a form of guarantee for payments made to a customer of the issuing bank. Letters of credit may be needed to engage in certain kinds of large-scale transactions overseas. We’ll be glad to help your firm facilitate global transactions. In many cases, letters of credit can be issued on the same day.

Receivables Financing

Did you know that you can use your outstanding invoices or other customer agreements as the collateral for your loan? Receivables financing may be a great option for you if your business typically takes longer than average to receive final payment from your customers. Your receivables are “good as cash” here at Blackhawk Bank and can help you get the best loan terms.

Corporate Credit Cards

With Blackhawk Bank, business credit cards are convenient and powerful. We provide a great combination of low-interest rates and attractive incentives to reward you for the time and attention you put into your business. Ours are some of the best small business credit cards you’ll find in Wisconsin, Illinois and beyond.

Come to Blackhawk Bank Today to Learn More about Your Options

There are many banks in Rockford, IL, and throughout Illinois and Wisconsin. Only Blackhawk offers you a complete selection of business banking services, including fast, convenient and favorable business loans that match your needs.

In addition to loans and business banking, we offer a wide range of additional services, products, and training. When you visit us, you’ll find a Speaker’s Bureau, options for Lean manufacturing training, and much more. Our portfolio of offerings reflects the unique needs of our community.

To find out more, come to Blackhawk Bank in Beloit, WI or any of our other convenient locations . To set an appointment or get more information right away, contact us. We look forward to showing you what your business banking can be.

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