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Customer Pay Portal

Accelerate Your Company's Cash Flow & Productivity

Blackhawk Bank’s Customer Pay Portal (CPP) allows you to accept single or recurring payments from your customers’ checking or savings accounts and credit cards without the need for a website hosted ‘shopping cart.’ There is minimal technical set-up; you don’t need an IT department to get started with CPP.

We’ll provide a unique web address for you to link on your Home Page.  The link takes your customers to a secure, customized landing page complete with your logo and brand colors. There, they simply enter their information and make their payments.  

You and your customers will both enjoy:

  • Convenience
  • Speed
  • Security

Who can benefit from offering Customer Pay Portal? Anyone who accepts payments. Your customers, donors, renters (the list goes on) can now pay with in few easy steps!


Your customers can make payments to you with a couple mouse clicks instead of making out checks, addressing and stamping envelopes, and mailing them to you on time.
Your staff will no longer have to handle payments, which means they can focus on making money instead of processing money.


No more hand-processing of checks. What once took days in the mail now takes seconds, and significantly accelerates your cash flow and productivity.


CPP contains security features that make every transaction safe and secure.  Risk management features allow you to set transaction limits and a permission hierarchy for your staff.

Nothing could be easier!

Robust reporting takes this dynamic payment platform over the top.  CPP allows you to study customer data, transaction history and recurring payments, and your customers can view their own payment history on-line.   You can even export payment data into a variety of accounting solutions such as QuickBooks©.

For more information, contact us today:

Kevin Busker, CTP
VP - Cash Management, Business Banking
815.877.2084 or 800.209.2616 Ext. 2437

Leah Swenson,
Cash Management Associate
815.877.2064 or 800.209.2616 Ext. 4621