What is Treasury Management and How Can it Help My Business?

Business ownership comes with many responsibilities, one of them is managing financial assets. Managing the cash takes careful consideration, and can have a direct impact on other areas of your business.

A number of business owners turn to Treasury Management services, as they offer custom solutions and easy-to-use financial tools for businesses of any size. If you’re unfamiliar with Treasury Management, you may have questions. Here, we’ve provided a breakdown of the benefits to help you become a little more familiar.

What is Treasury Management?

Treasury Management is customized solutions designed to simplify financial operations and strengthen the bottom line. It manages cash inflows and outflows, maximizes profits, and helps ensure a business has enough cash on hand to operate effectively. Treasury Management accomplishes this through a variety of services, all of which are customized to fit the specific needs of a business.

Additionally, Treasury Management can help mitigate financial, operational, and reputational risk by providing tools to better understand the financial state of a business. Clients can utilize reporting solutions to improve forecasting, decision making and cash management

How Can Treasury Management Help My Business?

Improve Cash Flow

Payment Solutions enable businesses to gain more control over cash flows in and out of the company.  Expenses are reduced by automating payable and receivable payment processing, and accurate reporting allows you to track and report payments and integrate into internal systems.

Protection Against Fraud

Arguably, a significant benefit of using Treasury Management solutions is the additional fraud protection measures to help safeguard accounts. With solutions such as Check Positive Pay, ACH Positive and Account Alerts, business owners will be able to see in real time if their business is being targeted, and act swiftly.

Increase Efficiencies

Another key benefit of Treasury Management is the increase in efficiency and streamlined operations. Instead of manually initiating and authorizing payments, Treasury Management provides a quick and easy access to digital resources for electronic banking. Having data at your fingertips can help to streamline the entire process.

Reduce Processing Delays

Treasury Management allows business owners to automate some tasks which reduces processing delays. Through digital payments and wallets, businesses are able to offer customers the best service possible, without any interruption.

Are You Interested in Treasury Management?

We want to help our business clients succeed in every way possible, including the management of business assets. Your cash flow is important to us, which is why we have a dedicated team of people who are ready to help you with your Treasury Management needs. Are you ready to get started with Treasury Management solutions? Contact us today!


Ryan Adleman

Vice President Senior Treasury Management Officer