Watchdog Checking to the McHenry, Richmond, and Island Lake Markets

Red Shield with a silhouette of a large dog on it that says Watchdog Checking with wording next to it that says ID Protect. In the background, a woman's hands, one holding a cell phone and the other holding a credit cardEvery year in the United States, millions of people fall victim to some form of identity theft. In 2018 alone, nearly 3,000,000 people filed identity theft, fraud, or other related complaints. That is far too much theft for Blackhawk Bank.

While other banks promise to protect your financial information to the best of their ability, Blackhawk backs our policy up with Watchdog Checking. Our clients in McHenry, Island Lake, and Richmond enjoy some great benefits, the most important of which is peace of mind.

Identity Theft Monitoring and Resolution Service

When it comes to protecting your financial identity, time is of the essence. That is why we partner with IDProtect to keep an eye on your bank accounts. IDProtect keeps an eye on any drastic changes made to any of your accounts. You will receive a notification immediately if anything seems out of the ordinary.

This service also alerts you when someone else is opening credit accounts in your name. When thieves do this, the new accounts will pop up on your credit account. It can drastically lower your score if the thief does not keep up on payments, which can impact your ability to purchase a car or house down the road. It is quick and simple to download the IDProtect app, so you can take financial security with you everywhere you go.

No Charge to Open a Watchdog Checking Account

At Blackhawk Bank, we do not charge you anything to open an account with us. We have numerous physical locations around Wisconsin and Illinois, and you can easily find the location nearest you to speak with a representative. You can enter your address online to find the nearest Blackhawk bank to your home.

However, if you are busy and do not have time to visit us in person, then you can open an account online. You just need to follow three simple steps: identify the type of account you want, confirm your identity, and fund your account. Most people find they can finish their profile in as little as 10 minutes. People who are as young as 16 can open an account with us.

No Fee for Blackhawk Bank ATM Transactions

When you have one of Blackhawk’s debit cards, you can withdraw funds from any Blackhawk ATM at no charge. We offer four free transactions for each statement cycle at non-Blackhawk ATMs. That way if you are out of the area, you can still get the money you need.

Cell Phone Protection

In case protecting your bank account and credit was not enough, you can also benefit from cell phone protection, when you open a Watchdog Checking account with IDProtect. Receive up to $300 in repair or replacement costs, if your cell phone ends up damaged or stolen. This policy applies whether the damage occurred in the United States or abroad.

Maintenance Fee 

With Watchdog Checking, you can enjoy mobile and online banking features as well as automatic bill-pays. You can also deposit funds directly into your account via any mobile device. Lastly, you enjoy all of the protections that come with safeguarding your personal information. In the event someone does steal your information, you can easily recover that data with our help.

To enjoy all of the benefits associated with Watchdog Checking, the cost is just $5.95 a month. You’ll find that cost is well below those offered by other identity and credit protection services. The monthly fee is waived for active military and students.

Peace of Mind

Blackhawk Bank is dedicated to keeping your financials in order. If you ever have any questions about our policies or accounts, feel free to reach out by phone or by email. From theft protection to easy ATM withdrawals, we understand that banking should be easy.


Mathew Reynolds
SVP Retail Banking

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