Watch Out For the Aldi Facebook Coupon Scam

If you have recently been on Facebook, you may have come across a certain post on your newsfeed. A recent post from Aldi Store has become quite popular, as it states that they are giving away groceries to folks in honor of their 75th anniversary. The Facebook post has garnered hundreds of likes and shares, giving unsuspecting individuals hope that they might come into some holiday groceries.

This social media post, though, is a scam and users should beware and make sure to inform friends and family about it so they can be on the lookout. Here are some details about the post and how you can keep your information safe.

Details About the Aldi Facebook Post

A Facebook account by the name of Aldi Store recently posted about celebrating the 75th anniversary of the company, and the CEO of the company, Jason Hart, states that they will be giving away groceries to everyone who shares the post, comments, and clicks on a link to enter into the contest. The post states that every box of groceries has $75 worth of groceries and a $25 gift card to Aldi, and winners will be announced Monday, November 30th.

When users click on the link, they are directed to a webpage where they enter in personal information so that they can be entered into the contest. However, this is a way to steal personal information, such as Facebook login information, and use it to get into your Facebook and other accounts.

There are several things that stand out about this post that should make users think twice before entering. There is inaccurate information about the company (Aldi is actually celebrating their 59th Anniversary, not 75th), a large amount of grammatical errors (the word “every” is capitalized, among other things), and the post itself seems to come from an illegitimate account. The account, Aldi Store, is not the official Facebook account of Aldi and it seems to have been created fairly recently.

The official Aldi Facebook account (Aldi U.S.A.) released a statement on their page stating that the post is a scam and should be avoided.

What to do if You Entered Into the Contest

If you or someone you know shared, commented, and clicked on the link to enter in information, take these steps to ensure that your accounts stay safe.

Change Your Passwords

If you entered personally identifying information when you clicked on the link provided in the Facebook post, quickly change passwords to all vital accounts. Start with bank and social media accounts, and then update other accounts. This will ensure that your information stays safe and does not end up in the wrong hands.

Keep an eye on Bank Account Statements

Many people tend to recycle passwords and use the same password from account to account. While this is convenient, this will definitely be an issue if the login information you entered matches the login information for your bank account.

In addition to updating your password, keep an eye on your account statements to make sure there is no unusual activity. Scammers tend to make smaller, unnoticeable transactions at first, and then will make large purchases. Make sure to check your bank accounts frequently so that your finances are safe.

Learn About Password Security

Take this time to learn more about password safety and security. Making sure your passwords are protecting your valuable information will help prevent scammers from accessing important accounts.

Tips such as:

  • Avoiding common words or phrases
  • Not using personal information in the password
  • Making sure the password is 10-12 characters long
  • Using a password manager
  • Setting up two factor authentication

These are small ways you can protect information and surf the web with confidence. To learn more about password security, click here.

Tell Your Friends and Family

One of the best things you can do for your community is to help your friends and family be aware of this scam. Many people are desperate for groceries, especially as the holiday season approaches, so making sure those who are closest to you are aware that this is a scam will benefit everyone.


We care about the communities that we serve, which is why we want to make sure you are double-checking social media posts and are on the lookout for strange activity on social channels. Want to learn more about Blackhawk Bank? Click here!



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