Summer Camping Tips for Newbies

Not only is camping an opportunity to disconnect from the digital world for the weekend, but it also reduces stress and increases physical activity. Plus, who doesn’t love s’mores?!

However, many beginner campers don’t know where to start when it comes to planning a camping trip that is fun for the whole family. These tips can help you plan the perfect camping trip, and offer some options that would provide great summer fun.

Traditional Tent Campsites

These campsites are all nature, all the time. Traditional tent sites bring the beauty of nature and the opportunity to disconnect from the rest of the world. They’re usually found in the national or state park setting and also popular with hikers. Tent sites are surprisingly affordable option for families of all sizes. Some tent sites do not have electricity or water, and others offer electric-only, allowing you to disconnect completely and focus your attention on nature and quality time.  

These campsites are for the campers who are not afraid to get their hands dirty, rain or shine. Even if you are an inexperienced camper, but are eager to jump right into the full camping experience, then this might be for you.

Cabins, Yurts & Teepees

If you’re new to camping, and want a mixture of the modern world and nature, then finding a campground with a cabin, yurt or teepee could be for you! These rentals are often available year-round, and offer the quiet of camping, without having to go without the necessities, like beds, running water, and electricity. Plus, the unique experience is a great introduction to camping for the entire family. For many campgrounds, rentals fill up fast, so book these early and get ready for a fun, relaxing experience. The Wisconsin area holds many campgrounds that offer fun rentals of all sizes. Click to take a look!

RV Camping

If tenting is not for you, and you think you’re ready to “get up off the ground”, an RV campsite may be your next move. Once you have a camper, you’ll find a number of campsite options waiting for you. Many campgrounds throughout Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin offer campsites just for RVs. You’ll find everything from grass or gravel to cement slab sites. Back-up sites are designed with smaller trailers in mind (pop-ups, Class C’s, etc.) and pull-through sites are really handy for longer trailers, fifth wheels, and toyhaulers. Site amenities can be a water/electric set-up or a full hook-up option, which includes connecting directly to the sewer and avoiding the dump station later.

There are numerous campsites in the Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois area that offer RV campsites at an affordable rate. As long as you have a camper, then you can enjoy the great outdoors!  Click here to learn more!

Ready for Your Next Vacation?

Throughout the past year, camping has been an excellent option for families who are looking to save a little money, while also make lasting memories. The great news is that finding an option that fits you and your family is possible! Taking some time to do a little extra research on the perfect camping trip can go a long way.


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