Connecting With Friends on National Friendship Day

Did you know that Sunday, August 2nd is National Friendship Day? This day is earmarked as a way to celebrate friendships and rekindle old bonds. Normally, this day would be filled with friendship bracelets or maybe a fun activity; however, during these times, there are some limitations, which calls for a little more creativity.

We know how tough it can be to connect with friends. Here are some quick tips that you can use to help your kids connect with friends, as well as some creative ways adults can creatively connect with friends, as well.

Helping Kids Connect With Friends

Even though social distancing and quarantine is now a part of our regular vocabulary, that does not mean kids are used to not seeing friends at school or sporting events. Here are some creative ways your kids can still interact with friends while staying safe.

1. Virtual Interactions

Virtual interactions are quite normal for adults, especially in the workspace. However, virtual interactions can be quite intimidating to kids. It’s important to help your kids gain some confidence while interacting online with friends. Setting up a virtual call or guiding them through how to safely use these tools will help them not feel so lonely.

Additionally, this may be a good time to teach your kids about online etiquette and make them aware of how to react in certain situations. Reiterate being kind and polite when interacting virtually, same as when they are in-person, so that they treat friends with respect even from afar.

2. Come Up with Post-Lockdown Activities Together

Thinking about how much longer everyone will have to social distance can be disheartening. Instead, steer the conversation towards activities your kids and their friends can do once everything is lifted. Not only will this ignite some creativity, but it will give you more of a chance to bond.  

3. Get Creative with Snail Mail

Who doesn’t love getting a piece of snail mail? This is a perfect opportunity to help your child create a nice letter to mail to their friend or maybe send a small gift. You can suggest coloring some pictures, or getting crafty with construction paper.

Helping Parents Connect With Friends

For adults, and especially parents, we know how difficult it can be to connect with friends. Here are some ways you can celebrate your friendships and maybe even reconnect with friends.

1. Utilize Social Media

Even though social media platforms are utilized to do many things, one thing that they are good for is connecting friends. While you may have a preferred social media platform, try connecting with friends on other platforms, such as Snap Chat or Twitter. Additionally, you can also ask for recommendations on groups they’re a part of and enjoy being in to stay engaged and to meet new people.

2. Send a Care Package

Something that many people appreciate, especially right now, is a thoughtful care package. This could be as simple as gathering a few favorite treats or maybe items for a spa night. Either way, a care package is a thoughtful way to show someone you care.

3. Organize a Virtual Game Night

There are many options when it comes to organizing a game night over the internet. Many people have taken to Zoom to organize a fun night, however, there are also apps like Facebook Messenger and House Party that allow multiple users to participate while you play fun games. There are many games to play over these virtual hangout spaces, such as Bingo and Scattergories.

We hope you and your family find a creative way to celebrate friendships. Want to learn more about Blackhawk Bank? Contact us today!


Stephanie Meier, VP of Marketing 
Lorianne Robertson, AVP Senior Marketing Specialist
Sarah Lee, Marketing Specialist