Blackhawk Bank's New Application Process for Mortgages

The traditional mortgage application process can be confusing, long, and even boring. First-time homebuyers often find the old way of applying for a loan intimidating, while serial buyers find it annoying. In fact, the old process can take all the fun out of finding your dream home. 

At Blackhawk Bank, we’ve invested heavily in creating a brand-new application process that is faster and easier for you to use. To accomplish this, we looked at all the factors buyers hated most about the outdated way to get a home loan. We then crafted a plan to improve it and relied on technology to make it possible.

Simplified Application Process

Over the years, we’ve empathized with client on the sheer amount of paperwork involved. We’ve even witnessed folks missing out on a great rate because they couldn’t get all of their paperwork turned in on time. We’ve worked hard to reduce the paperwork load and improve transparency. Here’s how to apply:

  1. Answer a few questions
  2. Upload your documents
  3. See approval amounts
  4. Select your loan
  5. Manage your loan

Online Mortgage Application

There’s nothing new about an online application. Most banks encourage customers to submit their information online. The form typically collects the person’s name, budget, location, and some other basic information. Sometimes, the form even asks for a social security number to check eligibility. After this, the bank then reaches out to get the rest of the information. We offer a true online application experience. Enter your information and upload your documents — all through a secure environment.

Real-time Feedback

No matter how simplified the home loan application becomes, you might have questions. One of the big drawbacks of applying 100% online is that it can be difficult to get those answers when you need them. This causes many people using other platforms to abandon the process or delay it until they can call or send an email. We offer an interactive online experience where our clients have access to real-time feedback with real available lenders.

Better Understanding

It may seem like homeowners are the ones who have a lot to learn while navigating the application process. However, we also have a lot to learn about you, your needs, your financial situation, and the homes you have in mind. Real time feedback allows us to address this. A better understanding of your needs puts us in the best position to meet them with more accurate approval amounts in place of mere estimates.

Faster Mortgage Approvals

All of these perks amount to a quicker overall process that can help you make that fast-approaching closing date when time is of the essence. We understand that sometimes that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is on the market for but a moment and that the owners will often sell to the first approved buyer. Every situation is different, and our team does its absolute best to get you into your dream home as soon as we possibly can.

Apply for a Home Loan Today

Innovation plays an important role in improving your experience with the mortgage process. Technology built upon a framework of a talented and knowledgeable team of loan professionals that help to walk you through the process one step at a time.

If you’re ready to get started, check us out here, give us a call at 800.209.2616 or send us an email. We look forward to helping you finance or refinance your next home in the near future.

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