Blackhawk Bank Contactless Cards

Contactless Cards are Here! 

Your debit card is your lifeline for day-to-day purchases, and now you can enjoy a faster and more secure way to buy what you need. Your contactless debit card is the fast, easy, and secure way to purchase your everyday needs. With just one tap, you can quickly checkout knowing
your information is safe.

More Secure

When you use your contactless card, your card number is not stored at the merchant. Card numbers are converted into encrypted one-time passcodes, so that your debit card number doesn’t end up in the wrong hands.

How to Use Contactless Cards

      Look for the Contactless Symbol at checkout
     Tap/hover your Mastercard® contactless card on the terminal
     Once you see the green check mark, your payment has been processed!


When will I receive my contactless card? 
  • Blackhawk Bank will be reissuing debit cards in batches beginning April 2022 to all customers, and the new contactless functionality will automatically be included.  
What are contactless cards? 
  • A contactless debit card is a card that uses radio frequency identification technology and near-field communication (NFC) to process transactions, allowing you to hover or tap your contactless card over a terminal and complete a transaction.
Can I still insert or swipe my debit card without using contactless payment? 
  • Yes. If you choose not to use contactless payment or if the retailer does not accept contactless payment, you can still insert or swipe to complete the transaction. 
How do I know if have a contactless card? 
  • you will see a small contactless symbol on your card (see below) if it has contactless payment capabilities.     
How long do I need to hold my contactless card to the terminal for checkout? 
  • Transactions typically are completed within 1-2 seconds once you hold your card up to the terminal.
Can the contactless card be accidentally picked up at a terminal? 
  • No. Your contactless card can only be used when it is within 1-2 inches of a contactless-enable terminal.   

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