Autobooks: Payment & Invoicing Solutions for Micro-Sized Businesses

Are you a micro-to-small-sized business owner? Think Etsy shop owners, those with home-based businesses, solo consultants, photography businesses, housekeepers, non-profits and more. If so, you can easily request and accept payments using Personal Online Banking with a feature called Accept a Payment!

This Accept a Payment feature offers a powerful alternative to PayPal, Square, Venmo, and QuickBooks and offers two convenient payment options, including Send an Invoice and Accept Payments Now.

Send an Invoice

• Create & send invoices electronically - no waiting on snail mail
• Get paid directly into your bank account in two business days - no need to transfer your money from a third-party app
• Let people easily pay you online with credit card, debit card, or electronic bank transfers
• Always know exactly who’s paid and who’s due
• Set up recurring invoices so you can automate your invoicing process
• Automatically add late fees for past due invoices so you don’t have to track down customers
• Create estimates you can easily convert to an invoice
• Customize a professional-looking invoice with your business logo and colors
• Recipients can scan the QR code on printed invoices to easily pay online

Accept Payments Now

• Accepting payments directly inside online banking
• Streamlining the process of accepting credit cards - no lockup period with a third-party payment app
• Customizing your payment form with your business logos and color for a professional way to accept payments
• Easily tracking payments received online so you can know who has paid
• Sharing your link everywhere you communicate with customers – on invoices, via text message, email, your website and more
• Setting up recurring payments so you have the reassurance of consistent cash flow every month
• Telling your customers they can conveniently pay online via credit card, debit card or an electronic bank transfer


What is Send Invoices?
Send Invoices is a module that allows you to send an invoice to a customer, and collect payment electronically (credit card, debit card, bank transfer) for that invoice.

What is Accept Payments Now?
Accept Payments Now is a module that provides you with a unique payment link. This payment link leads to a payment form (displayed in a secure web browser). Your customers (or donors, if you have a non-profit organization) complete the form to send you a payment (or donation) electronically. This module is perfect for those businesses that need a flexible way to accept payments from customers, yet don’t create invoices.

Who are the modules for?
The customer must have access to online banking to enroll in either module. The following types of businesses are great fits:
     • Any business that sends a bill/invoice for its product or service.
     • Service based businesses.
     • Non-profits seeking collect donations online.

How do I sign up to try it?
You can enroll right inside of Personal Online Banking by clicking on the module to get started. Should you need assistance, please reach out to Client Services by calling 608.364.8924.

Do I have to download any software to use either module?
No downloads of any kind are required. The modules live completely inside of online banking.

Enroll today with these easy steps

  1. Login to Personal Online Banking
  2. Click Send an Invoice or Accept Payment Now
  3. Agree to terms & conditions
  4. Complete enrollment form
  5. Send your first test invoice or payment link